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About Me

Garrett Peek is an international drummer from the United States.  He is a top performer, session artist, clinician, teacher, and author.  Garrett has shared the stage and events with such friends and peers as Ndugu Chancler, Gerry Brown, and Jost Nickel (to name a few).  He is currently performing and touring with the artist Jeff Radford.  


His name is credited with recorded performances of many acts that include the C-Box Prophets, Watercast, and Jeff Radford.  He has performed live with many great acts like Steve Ewing (The Urge), Clear Glass Religion, and currently Jeff Radford.  He is the author of “Beginning Snare Drum Study”, “Complete Beginning Drum Set” and “Rudiments for the Drum Set” and owns and operates the Melodic Rhythms lesson studios and stores in the St. Louis Metro-East.  


In addition to touring and recording, Garrett, who is a graduate from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, tutors drummers at the Melodic Rhythms lesson studios in the St. Louis Metro-East, via Skype worldwide, and with his upcoming online lesson video series and books.  


Garrett is known for his blend of funk and jazz on the drum set and strong African and Brazilian presence on multiple ethnic percussion instruments.  His dynamic range and strong groove presence has been lauded by some of the best drummers in the world.  


Garrett uses:

Dixon Drums

Meinl Cymbals & Percussion

Los Cabos Drumsticks

Aquarian Drumheads

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